Global Wellbeing Mindset

Arrangör GNH Sweden
Tid 2021-10-03 08:002022-10-02 20:00
Plats Online, Online
Introduction 29/8
Twelve steps to Global Wellbeing
250 kr

Twelve steps to global wellbeing 

For a whole year you can now join a global process with the intention of strengthening a global wellbeing mindset! 

What does that mean? It means shifting our mindsets into a deeper awareness of how we can heal the relations to ourselves, to society and nature. It is a path to transformation of our world views, so that we may widen and deepen our contributions to global wellbeing. 

The program involves:

  • The certification course "Twelve steps to Global wellbeing", based on the profound principles of GNH, Gross National Happiness, in combination with a wider version of the 12 step program and the transformative power of Theory U. The program involves an online course, personal reflection, coaching and journaling, dialogue in smaller groups and global Zoom meetings once a month. The course will give you access to advanced material and new research as well as global connections. Bring in your wellbeing project and transform it to a global level!
  • A more open Community of Practice with monthly dialogue around the subject Global Wellbeing Mindset. This is the part where you may bring in others too, and where we share experiences and learn from each other. Invite your network of activists, researchers, consultants, friends, students, teachers, colleagues, customers or relatives - this part is free and open!

Introduction seminar will be on 29/8 via Zoom - no strings attached!

Investment if you decide to join us involves your commitment the whole year together with a financial contribution of 25 USD per month, a cost price that covers our platform and supports a project about wellbeing education in Bhutan. If you have a difficult economical situation, please do not allow this to stop you, just let us know and we will find a way to include you. 

Application and questions may be sent via e-mail to Please write Global Wellbeing in the subject field.