Introduction to Grasshopper

Arrangör Nina Songhori
Tid 2019-12-11 18:3020:30
Plats Stockholm Makerspace, Stockholm

Eventet stängt för nya bokningar

This is an introduction to the basics of Grasshopper as a parametric tool for Architecture and design.

Grasshopper as a part of the Rhinoceros 3D modeling package is a graphical algorithm editor it allows
designers a high degree of flexibility in creating both simple and complex forms.
Requires :
-Your own PC
-Download the Evaluation version of Rhino  from here (Grasshopper is included in Rhino 6) :
-Membership of Stockholm Makerspace 
-Registration online

What we will do :
-To show and explain the potentials in design and Architecture
-Checking out Grasshopper interface 
-Very basic use of components and parameters 
-Explanation of Inputs and outputs
-What is an algorithm

As usual, you are required to be a member of Stockholm Makerspace to participate in our courses. You must also be registered through this registration page on Simplesignup in order to take the course.

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