Organizer Nordic Textile Art
Time 2020-03-05 09:302020-03-08 13:00
Location Rødding Højskole, Flors Alle 1, 6630 Rødding, Denmark.
NTA Membership fee 2020
275 SEK
Fully booked
Conference fee
950 SEK
5/3 - Textile Tour in Kolding
6/3 - Textile tour to the South Jutland
450 SEK
7/3 - Textile Conference day
8/3 - Networking day and the annual meeting
Fully booked
Conferance fee Student
450 SEK
5/3 - Kolding
6/3 - Tour to the South Jutland
450 SEK
7/3 - Conference day
8/3 - Networking day
Fully booked
5/3 - I will participate in the Textile exhibition at Rødding Højskole
Fully booked
7/3 - Workshop 1.
350 SEK
Fully booked
7/3 - Workshop 2.
350 SEK
Fully booked
7/3 - Workshop 3.
350 SEK
Fully booked
7/3 - Workshop 4.
350 SEK

Nordic Textile Art's next annual meeting will be held in Denmark, 5 - 8 March 2020 and this time in Jutland. The meeting will be held at Rødding Højskole which is Denmarks oldest Højskole. 

The event is now fully booked. 

Welcome to a textile conference and meeting place for Nordic textile art where the theme of the days is På tvaers af generationer - Across Generations.

This event is open for members of Nordic Textile Art. And it´s easy to become a member. You just have to be interested in nordic textile art, do the registration and pay our membership fee. :-)

Join us, Across Generations!

Conference language: dansk, skandinavisk, English.

All prices are in SEK. 100 SEK ≈ 9,60€, 100 SEK ≈ 72 DKK

Conference fee. 950 SEK
You pay the conference fee even if you choose to participate only in parts of the program. Food and accommodation are not included in the price.

Student Conference fee. 450 SEK
For all fulltime students in the textile field at University or højskole/folkhögskola.

Thursday 5.3 – Textile Tour in Kolding. (included in the Conf. fee)
  • Guided tour of the Design School Kolding.
  • Visits to gallery Pagter — Gudrun Pagter is exhibited.
  • Visit weaver Grethe Sørensen
Thursday 5.3 - NTA Textile art exhibition. (included in the Conf. fee)
Bring your own work of art to Rødding. Together we create an exhibition in the gallery. The exhibition can be visited during the Conference.

Friday 6.3 - Textile tour to the South Jutland. kl 9.45 - 17.30 450 SEK
  • Tour to Ribe Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in Denmark.
  • Tønder Museum, a collection of delicate Tønder lace.
  • Klægager, a restored marshland at Ballum. We will hear about the landscape and culture.
Saturday 7.3 - Textile Conference day. (included in the Conf. fee)
  • Lecture Grethe Wittrock, inspired of the whole world..
  • Lecture Ragnhild Hjalmarsdóttir Højgaard, about the textiles for Glasir, a newly built gymnasium in the Faroe Islands.
  • (Workshops in the afternoon. Paid separately below.
  • Lecture by textile artist Inge Bjørn. Born 1925
  • Gala Dinner (paid separately). Wear perhaps a textile conversation piece
  • Lecture with Anne Mette Larsen: Roads to Moscow and Midjutland carpets.
  • Snacks and red wine.
Sunday 8.3 - Networking day and the annual meeting. (included in the Conf. fee)
  • Classical High school morning meeting with singing.
  • See the Antependium and the chapel and see Inge Bjørn's textile.
  • NTA Annual meeting
  • Cecilie Bendixen, talks about architecture and textile.
Saturday 7.3 - Workshops kl 13 - 16.
You can participate in one workshop. (You must pay the Conference fee to attend a workshop, they are a part of our Nordic Textile Meeting.)

Workshop 1.
New life in the weather-beaten sail. Grethe Wittrock.

Workshop 2.
Blue Hour-Blue Hour - a workshop about dyeing blue- in the middle of the day! Helle Trolle.

Workshop 3.
Viklebilleder, Winding samples - collaborative colour workshop across generations. Astrid Skibsted.

Workshop 4.
Stitch tagging. Eva mm Engelhardt. 

You will find a more detailed program and more information on our website.

We will all stay at Rødding Højskole. You book your accommodation yourself. The price includes both food and lodging. NTA will administrate the booking. Mail to  Please read more on our website. 

Rødding Folk High School, Flors Alle 1, 6630 Rødding, Denmark.
Designskolen Kolding, Ågade 10, DK-6000 Kolding, Denmark

How to get to the Nordic Textile Meeting in Denmark?
From abroad, the easiest way is to go to Copenhagen and then take a train to Kolding. Then we have a bus for you to go out in the countryside to Rødding.

Wednesday 4.3. You will find your NTA friends at Hotel Saxildhus Kolding.

A textile event of Nordic Textile Art.
Supported by Nordic Culture Point, Grosserer L.F. Foghts Fond, Lars Hiertas Minnesfond and AP Møllers fond.