Probiotic and sparkling fermented drinks - workshop

Arrangör Meadow Lab
Tid 2019-11-09 12:0516:05
Plats STPLN, Stapelbäddsgatan 3, Malmö
single ticket (1 person)
550 kr
duo ticket (2 person)
900 kr

Do you want to learn how to make healthy fermented sodas to enjoy every day?
This workshop will focus on different wild fermentation cultures (kombucha, ginger bug, water kefir, lacto fermentation, wild yeast starter) which can be used to make sparkling, natural and delicious drinks.

During the workshop you will learn:
- how to brew with kombucha and water kefir
- how to make lacto fermented soda
- how to make your own ginger bug starter and how to use it
- how to take care of your kombucha/ ginger bug/ water kefir
- how to add flavours to your soda in different ways
- everything about the equipment needed

The workshop consists of:
- theoretical introduction
- tasting fermented sparkling drinks + fermented fika
- practical part - preparation of your own fermented products

Each participant receives a script with recipes, kombucha or water kefir culture to take home!

The language of the workshop: English

Please bring with you a jar (0,3-0,5l) and 2 bottles for taking your fermented sodas home. Perfect would be glass flip-top bottles or plastic pet bottles in size between 0,5-1 l. But any type and size of a bottle with a cap will work.

Workshop teacher:
Agata Bielska - fermentation, foraging and wild food educator, artist, and chef at RUDE FOOD Malmö