Wild edible plants on your plate - workshop and 3-course meal

Arrangör Meadow Lab
Tid 2019-06-23 12:0016:30
Plats STPLN Stapelbäddsgatan 3, Malmö
single ticket
550 kr
duo ticket (2 people)
950 kr

Learn about wild edible plants and their versatile flavors and culinary uses.
You will have a chance to look, smell, touch, and taste, and learn how to use 10 wild edible plants that are now in the season.
We will be cooking together and finish our workshop with eating 3-course meal prepared from Nature.

You will learn:
🌱How to identify and use a minimum of 10 wild edible plants
🌱When to collect and how to choose plants to get the tastiest
🌱Which parts of the plant can be used as a food (leaves, stems, roots, bark, flower, buds, fruits)
🌱How to work with different flavor profiles of wild edible plants
🌱How to prepare plants
🌱How to include wild edible plants in the everyday diet (salads, stir-fry, soups, pesto, pie, and drinks)
🌱What are the benefits for health
🌱What safety rules must be followed when eating and collecting wild plants

Workshop teacher: Agata Bielska from Meadow Lab, foraging and wild food educator, artist, and chef at RUDE FOOD Malmö

The language of the course: English

Each participant will receive a script with recipes and list of plants with names in English and Swedish + botanical names