Organizer Nordic Textile Art
Time 2019-03-28 09:002019-04-01 00:00
Location Reykjavik
Conference fee
750 SEK
Conference fee student
300 SEK
28/3 DESIGN TALKS Harpa lecture hall
700 SEK
29/3 Textile Tour to the South
600 SEK
30/3 Textile Conferance day
30/3 Conference dinner
31/3 NTA Annual meeting
1/4 Textile Tour to the North
1550 SEK
Workshop 1.
500 SEK
Workshop 2.
650 SEK
Workshop 3.
500 SEK
Workshop 4.
500 SEK
Workshop 5.
500 SEK
Workshop 6.
650 SEK

The Icelandic Textile Association in collaboration with the Nordic Textile Art are the organizers behind the Nordic Textile Meeting - Heritage Meets the Future held in Iceland 2019. The meeting will take place in Reykjavík and in Blönduós from March 28th until April 1st.  

You need to click the box for the Conference fee to participate at the Nordic Textile Meeting. Chose also what activities you want to join.

All prices are shown in Swedish krona.
100 Swedish krona ≈ ca10 €

When you have made your registration you will receive an email from Simple signup and a confirmation of payment from Payson.

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Thursday 28.3 - DESIGN TALK Harpa.
Harpa lecture hall 9:00 - 16:00 Full day of design lectures, part of the DesignMarch program.18:00 Formal opening of DesignMarch 2019.

Friday 29.3 - Textile Tour to the South of Iceland.
9:00 - 16:00. Bus from Reykjavík to the south of Iceland. We will visit the mini mill Uppspuni. The trip includes the “Golden Circle”. 

Saturday 30.3 - Textile Conference day "Heritage meets the future".
10:00 - 15.00 NTA conference at VEROLD - The house of Vigdís.
Speakers: Philip Fimmano, Jessica Hemmings, Bryndís Bolladóttir, Katrin Þorvaldsdóttir, Kadi Pajupuu, Kyoshi Yamanmoto, Isabel Berglund.
The Textile Conference day is included in the Conference fee. Lunch is included

NTA Conference dinner. You pay for the dinner at the restaurant, but we need to know if you are coming.

Sunday 31.3 - NTA annual meeting at Korpa,The old milk factory where the Icelandic Textile association has their studio. Networking time.

Monday 1.4 - Textile Tour to the North - Textile Center Blönduós.
9:00 - 23:00. Bus from Reykjavík. Hespa- Icelandic plant dyed wool in Borgarfjörður,Textile museum at Blöndoús, Workshops at the Textile Centre Blönduós. Lunch and dinner is included in the price.

You can only choose one workshop.

Workshop 1. Traditional Icelandic wool working and spinning.
You will learn about the characteristics of Icelandic wool and the basics of the traditional methods of preparing the wool.

Workshop 2. Working with horsehair. Material included.
In the workshop you will learn to spin out of horsehair.

Workshop 3. Sewing into the Vatnsdæla Tapestry. Material included.
Vatnsdæla on a Tapestry is a ongoing project at the Textile center in Blönduós.The goal is to revive the Vatnsdæla saga in a modern way, while using the old traditions of hand craft.

Workshop 4. Threadbone technique. Material included.
‘Threadlegs’ were sheep leg bones used as bobbins for  handspun sewing thread. This style is called "læstur þráðaleggur" with decorative binding and was often used as gifts when visiting friends or family.

Workshop 5. Rósaleppaprjón/Icelandic intarsia. Material included. 

In this workshop you will be introduced to the Icelandic color knitting technique rósaleppaprjón. You will get a pattern to knit and learn this old technique.

Workshop 6. Tablet weaving.
In the workshop there will be a brief introduction on the  tablet weaving technique.You will weave a mini sample of simple and double tablet weaving.

All prices are shown in Swedish krona.
100 Swedish krona ≈ ca10 €

När du har gjort din anmälan får du ett mail från Simple Signup och ett mail från Payson som bekräftar din betalning. 

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Last date for registration: February 22th 2019.
Observera att workshoparna har begränsat antal deltagare. Om den workshop du har anmält dig till ställs in pga av för få anmälda meddelas du senast den 25 februari. Hela avgiften för workshopen betalas i så fall tillbaka.
If you cancel your registration before February 22th the whole conference fee is refunded. Half the fee is refunded if cancelled before March 10th. Cancellations after March 10th, are not refunded.