A coach keys for effective prayers and life changes

Arrangör Ruth Ndjavé
Tid 2018-06-14 17:00

I often wondered what was the point to pray if it was to remain worry, sad, broke, unfulfilled, depressed, oppressed. I had to acknowledge that something was missing in my prayer life, therefore I could not bring the changes I wanted to experience.
Many of us feel the same and, lacking to question ourselves, we reduce prayers to a ritual with some hope for change and lacking faith, lower our expectations in life.
Prayer is about you taking back the power and transforming your experience in life. The issue is, you do not have it, therefore cannot make sustainable changes. You need  to be empowered with information and tool the way that suits your learning style in order for you to see, hold and apply this potential. The content of the event will be informative, practical and process minded.
Graduating as transformation coach, my purpose for this event is to share the key differences between those who experience change and those who don´t, those who experience lasting joy and those who don´t. As a result, those who apply the tools access immediate confidence,  motivation and from that space, watch their live slowly and surely change for the better as they themselves grow and change their behaviours.