Mixed levels of Mediumship

Arrangör Mediumskolan HB
Tid 2018-05-12 16:002018-05-19 13:00
Plats Casale Pundarica Toscana, other
mixed levels mediumship
13000 kr


Mediumship development and readings.

Course date: 12-19/5 -2018

Stay: Pundarica

Course fee. 13000

This course will be led by three highly experienced
instructors in Mediumship from the Swedish Medium School. www.mediumskolan.com

Lisa Odenhjälm. Cert. Mental mediumship, Liselotte also
works to establish a high standard of quality and safety in readings. She is
also an author and practitioner of white magic as well as leading mediumship
tours here in Sweden and abroad. Under her guidance you can increase your
spiritual vibration and establish a whole and healthy functioning between mind,
body and soul. 

Carina Flood is an animal communicator, psychic medium and
healer. She also works with trance healing.

Christina Ferm cert. Mentalmediumship, Trance medium and
physical trance mediumship. She also has long experience in holding group


This course combines mixed ability levels giving us the
opportunity to work at your level.

The course will focus on giving students the opportunity to
learn and have their own experiences in both clairvoyance and mediumship. We
will use a combination of old and new techniques help you attain a high level
of spiritual experience along with integrated personal development.

If you would like to bring your own cards we will help you
to work with them in order to better understand Symbolic language and messages
from the spiritual world. We will also give you training in how to present your
self as a medium if you wish to give readings.

There will be workshops with trance healing, trance
communication, clairvoyance, meditation, mental mediumship.

Evening Event

Energy transformation to a higher level of divine energy.

Transfiguration and trance communication.